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Can I have episode-specific artwork?


To add individual artwork to an episode, you'll first need to upload your episode. As you are adding your episode details into the episode you will see an option to use the default artwork or upload episode artwork. If you want to use the individual artwork just select that option and upload your artwork! Then just finish adding the episode details and then save it! 
Buzzsprout.png Note: For the best quality, your artwork should be a Square; 3000 x 3000 pixels, and your file type should be a JPEG or PNG

Once the new image is uploaded and saved, Buzzsprout will immediately attach the artwork to the audio file. Since it's attached to your file via its iD3 tag, if anyone downloads your mp3, they'll see that artwork instead of your show's default art. 

An important note here is that not every listing shows the individual artwork. You may see some listings still showing the default artwork. Unfortunately, we can only control how the artwork looks within your embeded players and Buzzsprout website. It is up to directories to show it on their end! 

If anything looks off to you shoot us an email  ( and we would be happy to help out!