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Can I pause my podcast?

Yes! If you know you won't be uploading any new episodes for a while then you can move to our Archive Plan!

What is the Archive plan?

The Archive plan will allow you to keep your podcast and episodes online and hosted at a lower cost, just $5 per month. Since you know you won't be uploading new episodes for some time, we offer a plan that only covers the hosting of your existing episodes. This way you won't lose any episodes by moving to a free plan or deleting your podcast altogether. The Archive Plan will allow you to keep your data and episodes with Buzzsprout (and on your listings), but it won't give you a monthly uploading allowance.

Moving to the Archive Plan is easy. Just go to the Settings menu on the top right-hand corner of your account. Then click on the Cancel/Redirect option. Select the green Downgrade Now option and you'll be all set!
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Can I upgrade back to a traditional plan?

Yes! If you choose to begin uploading again then you can easily upgrade your account to one of our traditional paid plans. Just go to Settings > Plan and select the plan you want!