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Can I have a private podcast?

Not exactly. Podcasts are built using RSS feeds and because of the nature of an RSS feed, anybody who has the feed address will be able to download the episodes in your feed. However, there are ways to make the podcast harder to find.

You can hide your Buzzsprout public website so it isn't found by search engines. 
To make sure your podcast stays private, you can keep it out of directories (Apple Podcasts, Spotify, etc.) by not submitting to them. Then you can give out the direct link to your audience or embed your episodes on your personal website. 

Note: It would still be possible for people to share the direct link to somebody else, but it is unlikely that somebody would be able to find the podcast on their own.

Can I offer Premium Content?

As an alternate option to having a hidden podcast, you can create premium content that isn't available to your general audience using Buzzsprout Subscriptions. This option allows you to create premium episodes and gives your listeners the ability to access that content by supporting your show monetarily. To learn more about this option, check out the Subscriptions Help Guide.

Check out this article for 5 Ways to Create a Private Podcast and if you have any questions about having a private podcast, please reach out to support at