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How do I add my email to my RSS Feed?

Some directories require an email in your RSS Feed to submit and claim your podcast listing. To keep your inbox from filling up with marketing emails, we don't include an email in your RSS feed by default.

Instead, you can temporarily (or indefinitely) insert an email into your RSS Feed to allow a directory to see it for verification. Then we will automatically remove it to keep you from getting spammed! 

Temporarily Insert your Email into your RSS Feed

Log into your Buzzsprout account, go to your Directories page, and click Email Verification. On that page, you will see your RSS Feed URL and an option to add an email or token to your feed for Ownership Verification. On that page, you will see the open field to add an email or token to your feed.
EmailVerification.png Just add your email to that field, and we will drop it into your RSS Feed. We recommend that you choose to leave the email in your feed for 48 hours, but you do have the option to add it to your feed indefinitely.

The temporary option will allow the directories 48 hours to verify your email address. After 48 hours we will pull it out of your feed to protect your inbox. You can temporarily add the email back into the RSS Feed in the future if you ever need to.

If you run into any issues with verifying your podcast or getting listed on a directory, shoot our support team an email at and they can help!