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Allowance & Overage

If you are new to Buzzsprout, there are two aspects of Buzzsprout Plans that you will want to be familiar with Allowance and Overage. We will break them down here!


Buzzsprout plans are structured around how much time you upload each cycle (30 days). We refer to this as your upload allowance, and you can track it in your account on the Episodes page.
CleanShot 2023-03-10 at 16.05.27@2x.png As you upload episodes into your account the length of the audio file will be counted against your allowance in your current cycle. So if you are on the 3-hour plan, and you upload an hour-long episode, then you will have two hours left in your allowance for that cycle.

Important: Episodes are counted against the allowance for the cycle they are uploaded in. If you upload an episode early and schedule it for a future cycle, it will still count against the cycle you are currently in.

Pro Tip: Since unused hours don't roll over to future cycles, you can upload episodes early and schedule them for a future publish date. That way you can use up your available allowance!


Sometimes you need more than what is available in your monthly allowance. Maybe this is for a bonus episode or that perfect interview that couldn't be cut down. When this happens, don't worry, you don't have to upgrade to the next pricing tier!

All of our paid Buzzsprout plans come with the ability to go over your allowance and pay by the hour for overage. Overage hours are priced individually and range from $2/hour to $4/hour depending on your monthly plan.

You don't need to purchase this overage ahead of time. As you upload episodes over your allowance we will add the overage and the charge will show on your next invoice. You will be able to monitor your allowance and overage on the tracker on your Episodes page in your account.
overage-1.png Here is a breakdown of the overage prices for each Buzzsprout plan:
  • On the $12/month plan, the overage is billed at $4 per hour. 
  • On the $18/month plan, the overage is billed at $3 per hour. 
  • On the $24/month plan, the overage is billed at $2 per hour. 
If you have a question about Buzzsprout pricing, feel free to email our support team -