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Submitting to Directories

One of the biggest questions when it comes to podcasting is "How do I get my podcast on Apple Podcasts?" This can seem like a daunting task, but we have made the process really simple! Submitting to the major directories can be done in just a few steps, and most can be done directly within your Buzzprout account. Let's get started!  

Why doesn't Buzzsprout submit my podcast for me?

The main reason that we don't submit your podcast for you is that we want you to retain ownership of your listings. This way, you can access your directory accounts to review stats, make feed changes, and take your listing with you if you ever decide to move away from Buzzsprout.

The Submission Process

To start the submission process, you will need to have an episode uploaded and published in your Buzzsprout account. This can be your first episode or it can be a trailer episode! We recommend submitting a trailer episode because the review process isn't immediate and some directories can take several days to accept a new podcast. 

Check out this video about how to make a great podcast trailer:
Once you have your first episode or trailer published, be sure to fill out all the information on your Podcast Info page in Buzzsprout. All of the information on that page is required in order to submit your podcast to directories! 
CleanShot 2024-02-08 at 12.18.22@2x.png Now, you are ready to start the submission process! Head to the Directories page in your Buzzsprout account and click Get Listed under each directory that you want your podcast on. The process of submitting to each directory is a bit different so be sure to follow each individual step-by-step guide!

Pro Tip: Before you start the submission process, add your email to your RSS Feed! Some directories require an email address in your RSS Feed to verify that you own the feed you are submitting. To temporarily add that to your account head to Directories > Email Verification and add your email there! 

Once you have followed the steps and submitted your first episode you're all set! Now you just have to play the waiting game and keep an eye on your email inbox. Most directories will email you when you have been approved!

Check out some common questions about how directories work on our Directories FAQs page!